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Lifehack #1: Gratitude affects attitude

Did you know that science provides some simple answers to some of our most complex questions?  Take gratitude for instance. 

We’re taught from a very early age to say “please” and “thank you”, almost as quickly as we’re taught “yes” and “no”.  It seems to be very important, so why do we still know so little about it?

What we know about GRATITUDE is that it’s an elusive concept meaning different things to different people and dependent upon temporal context.

Gratitude can be:

  1. A coping response
  2. An attitude
  3. An emotion
  4. A moral virtue

Scientists studying the concept of gratitude have found that it is positively correlated to well-being, but not always.  It’s no surprise that these things are related, but why?  It turns out that gratitude is a positive predictor of life satisfaction, contradicting previous thought of it having a direct relationship to personality.  So, in this case, we know that the egg comes before the chicken, gratitude precedes satisfaction.  It’s not dependent upon more static qualities of personality traits or circumstance, but Samsone’s study found that gratitude that produces positive feelings is a result of steady actions.  These steady actions can be incorporated into our lives as an everyday life hack of gratitude to affect attitude.


21 Dec 2017