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Jan 18 / Clayton Hayes

Beall’s List Taken Down

For years now, Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory Open Access publishers has served as an important resource for librarians and scholars alike. Though his methodology has always been fairly opaque (as I touched on in my previous blog post), being able to check publishers against Beall’s list made it easier for scholars and librarians to avoid being swindled. Apparently, sometime on or before January 15th, Beall’s website (and the list as well) was scrubbed of information and now exists only as a shell without any content. The Support for Open Access Publishing blog discussed the takedown and its ramifications a bit in a recent post.

There are rumors on Twitter that Cabell’s, a subscription-based directory of journals, may be subsuming Beall’s list. These rumors have not been confirmed but, to add to the confusion, Lacey E. Earle (Cabell’s VP of Business Development) tweeted

No word from Beall himself yet, as reported in Inside Higher Ed. Beall’s list has been replicated and is still available (and easily discoverable) elsewhere online.