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Dec 6 / Clayton Hayes

The Center for Open Science launches OSF|Preprints

I’ve written before about the Center for Open Science (COS), and they’ve been busy since first opening up submissions for SocArXiv back in August. In addition to the social sciences,they’ve also launched PsyArXiv (for the psychological sciences) and engrXiv (for engineering), along with the broader implementation of the Open Science Framework (OSF). The OSF allows interested parties to develop their own preprint archives.

Possibly more interesting, though, is the search functionality built into OSF|Preprints, the platform that brings together SocArXiv, PsyArXiv, and engrXiv. It uses SHARE to aggregate search results from a wide array of open preprint servers, not just those built on OSF. Popular archives searchable through OSF|Preprints include arXivbioRXivPeerJ, and CogPrints. The OSF|Preprints search platform is very attractively-designed, and allows users to filter results by subject area and provider (i.e. source repository). It is still early on in its implementation, though, and it shows. There is no advanced search function, and the number of results shown next to each provider isn’t updated when a search is performed.

Still, like oaDOI, it is a powerful tool that brings together open content in a wide range of subject areas. It certainly appears that the COS has been making great strides in ensuring the discoverability of OA preprints, and I expect that they’ll continue to do so in the future.