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Aug 18 / Clayton Hayes

SocArXiv Begins Accepting Article Submissions

In my last post for the Scholars Cooperative, I gave a brief overview of a major issue occurring as a result of Elsevier’s takeover of SSRN, that many papers on SSRN were being taken down due to “copyright concerns.” It seems that articles uploaded without a statement indicating explicit permission from the copyright holder to deposit the article in SSRN are being taken down without warning. At the end, I indicated that a possible alternative to SSRN, SocArXiv, was in the process of beginning operations. Philip Cohen of SocArXiv recently gave an interview with the scholarly communication blog In the Open┬ádiscussing the project and its future.

The entire interview is worth a read, but it should be noted that the Center for Open Science has set up a temporary site where authors can begin submitting articles to SocArXiv.