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Dec 11 / scholarscooperative Elsevier Takedown Notices

You may have recently read about the publisher Elsevier sending takedown notices to academics who have posted articles on is “a platform for academics to share research papers”. The takedown notices have been sent concerning published PDF versions of articles published in Elsevier journals in which copyrights belong to Elsevier. As part of the publishing agreement signed by authors, a copyright transfer agreement (CTA) is often signed. The terms of these agreements may vary, but the end result is often that copyright is transferred to the publisher. Once transferred, the author may have given up all rights to their article, including the right to post it on sites like

We recently published a blog post about ResearchGate, another social platform that allows researchers to post and share their papers. Many Wayne State University academics use both tools and, if a CTA was signed, may be in violation of copyright by posting their papers to these sites.

What can you do?

Don’t forget: Wayne State University Library System supports Open Access and provides an OA institutional repository, DigitalCommons@WayneState.