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Jan 14 / Sara Attou

Project 1: Process Work









Project 1 we were assigned groups to work with. We started with 5 students including me, Anthony, Brett, Tyler and Leo. The second meet in class we found out Leo had dropped the class. The next class meeting Daryll joined the class. Tyler, Brett and I had taken the Intro class together and we thought it would be a good idea for him to join  our group.

For the project, we had to find geometric objects that looked like letters. It was harder than I thought. Our groups communications skills were terrible and didn’t collaborate well at all. Until the crunch time at the end of the due date. Being the only girl in the group I felt unheard and shunned out. Daryll evened up not meeting with us when we could and he never brought photos of what letters he was assigned. When we had critique, Daryll had no photos printed which made us look bad.

With our lack of communication with each other I was unaware we needed to make a book with our geometric alphabet. We put our letters together and again, lack of communication, I had it understood someone was in charge of binding it and turning it in. A week went by and received our grades which we failed with a grade of a D. The book was late and unprofessional. I am very discouraged with finishing the class and feel that I will not pass the class. I was also embarrassed that Daryll joined our group.