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Apr 15 / Sara Attou

Our Group Project Won!

From Project 5, my groups haiku was picked to be in the Undergraduate Art Gallery. We went and set the letters up in the gallery and made sure we did it perfectly. We at first had a hard time with the tape we were using to paste the letters up on the wall. Just in time, Liz and I bought some great double sided tape and re-did all of the letters. Time crunch seems to be a problem this semester for me.


Our group project won first place for Design!


Apr 15 / Sara Attou

My Haiku


It’s Your Choice of Words

Whatever Comes to Your Mind

Type it Out, For Keeps



Apr 1 / Sara Attou

Project 5: Process Work

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 1.24.31 PM


Kerning! I enjoy kerning a lot. Dan was right. Now when I am driving or walking around reading things I stare at typography on billboards or store signs and even magazines. I stare at the spacing of words and it makes me feel cool to know I can notice if letters in a word look oddly placed 🙂

At times while working on this part of Project 5, I second guessed myself. Second guessing about if the word looked correctly spaced evenly and if I should kern one or two more clicks.

Apr 1 / Sara Attou

Project 5: Process Work


Aha! Project 5: Kerned Interventions

This group project I worked with Yan, Dylan, Rebecca and Liz. For the most part we all worked well together. We had a hard time meeting around the same times due to our schedules being so different and where we all live.

Yan was our group leader and did  great job at it. I tried my best to stick on her side and help as much as possible. our group used two types of spray paint which took a long time but we got our Haiku up on the wall in time for crit. Since our cardboard used in the laser print cut outs was a bit thin, we glues cubes on the back of the letters for them to pop out from the wall giving it depth.

Mar 23 / Sara Attou

tumblr_mj4bhm2Pvs1qkxrtro6_500 tumblr_mj4bhm2Pvs1qkxrtro1_500

Mar 18 / Sara Attou

Project: 4 –More Process Work :)

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.27.08 PM Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 3.28.24 PM


My words were Sluggish and Supplement. I had difficulty with Supplement because I had a different outlook on what the word meant. I am not happy with the turn out on it but I did my best. Sluggish I believe did an okay job with. I wanted to use thick and bold letters. I tried making the letters heavier at the bottom to give it that slow moving look and lack of energy.

This project took me a long time, including an all-nighter and still did not finish in time for the final crit. I was not using snap to grid (which I learned after) I was zooming in the letters and using guides to line the circles up perfectly. Literally was the worst thing that has happened to me my whole time in college. But thankfully, Tyler showed me “snap to grid” I was so upset and wanted to give up on life haha.

Now that I am learning new skills in illustrator, I hope the next projects go well for me. It helps to collaborate with class mates 🙂

Feb 25 / Sara Attou

Project 4: More Process Work


This is for Supplement. I want to use thin and long strokes!



Feb 25 / Sara Attou

Project 4 Sketches

I guess I do not fully understand this project. I actually am not a fan. I have been working on sketches for about 4 hours and I feel like I have not accomplished anything. My words that I have been assigned are 1. Sluggish and 2. Supplement

I have used circles for the word Sluggish and I am going for thick strokes with slug tails as the serifs. I am going for a slug look. Reminds me of catching slugs in bowls of beer to keep them from eating the Hostas plants. Every morning my mother and I would check out how many slugs drowned in the bowls of beer.



Feb 23 / Sara Attou

Process Type Foundry

Eric Olson is the founder of Process Type Foundry. He started as a graphic designer but then loved making typefaces more 🙂 He pretty much makes typefaces to make the world go round.

I really enjoy the font Lingua. I like the thin lines and look of stenciling meets scientific using ligatures. info_lingua_dlig_onoff info_lingua_dlig_range

Lingua was make in 2003. They played around with ligatures and it looks so fun 🙂 Lingua is available in light and regular for their weight.


Check it outtttt Yo!

Feb 19 / Sara Attou

Peer Critique

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.15.22 PMScreen shot 2013-02-19 at 11.31.00 PM


This fictional letterform is created by ElizabethTchorz. Elizabeth was in the Modern Serif category with me. Her and I both used Didot to create our fictional letterform. Elizabeth’s letterform is placed between k and l in the alphabet. One strong aspect to Elizabeth’s letterform is the flat thin serif that belongs into Didot. I was confused at first thinking the bowl should be more like the lowercase b in Didot but realized a lowercase s was used instead which is neat. If the bowl was used, it would look like a lowercase b with an ear.

Part of the letterform looks like it could belong in Didot. One thing I would change about the letterform is position it differently. The craft is a bit rocky around the Ear. The ear on the letterform has the right idea of going thin to a tear  drop but doesn’t carry the characteristic of the slight flat bottom. The use of thick and thin strokes are definitely there which follows Didot.  I really like how the regular font is in the background. Elizabeth did a great job using the characteristics of Didot to create her fictional letterform.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.59.03 PM

(Above, lowercase b in Didot)

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 11.18.37 PM

(Above, ear from a lowercase c in Didot)