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Feb 25 / Samantha Pardy


These are just random things I found and liked. tumblr_mz6mudzqrh1rivb76o1_500tumblr_mz486zCuZG1qkxrtro2_500tumblr_mz6e1zaBxP1s4wmw8o1_500tumblr_mz486zCuZG1qkxrtro3_500tumblr_mz5jrptTex1rodxovo1_500tumblr_mz5jrptTex1rodxovo2_500tumblr_mz486zCuZG1qkxrtro1_500tumblr_mywjgmRIaX1r20355o1_500

Feb 25 / Samantha Pardy


Here are some prints I found and really liked.


Feb 25 / Samantha Pardy

Hand Lettering




These are some photos of hand lettering I found online and really liked. tumblr_myna4sEq4z1qdf6vyo1_500tumblr_my4hoaDTpE1rs73t7o1_r1_1280tumblr_mz67qmNROD1ql38bro1_500tumblr_mz7oo1F8J81r4q050o1_500

Feb 12 / Samantha Pardy

Project 2: Type Mannerisms

Here is my project 2 files

I had the typeface Bodoni

analysis bodonianalysis bodoniposter bold condensed glyph2 gylph1 letteroanalysis lettersanalysis part2 roman

Feb 5 / Samantha Pardy


Here are some fonts I found that fit into the following categories



V5 Prophit CellV5 Prophit Cell


Zallman CapsZallman Caps


Moon FlowerMoon Flower



Jan 26 / Samantha Pardy

Project 1: Final Scavenger hunt




Forms having linear and curvilinear attributes; structural rather than organic; a clean and unified style.



Jan 26 / Samantha Pardy

Project 1: Scavenger Hunt Process work



Jan 16 / Samantha Pardy


Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum created Letterror in 1989. They studied typefaces at Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts in The Hague. Letterror started in Berlin with the typeface Beowolf. There is no office or building for Letterror. Erik and Just both work separately and together on projects. They both teach at the Type and Media department of Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts.

Letterror has created the typefaces Trixie, Advert, Kosmik, and Federal. They don’t just create typefaces though they also do graphic design, sites, and produce movies. Some of their clients include MTV Europe. Apple, KPN, and GAK. When they worked with KPN they created a calendar machine. They created a visual noise machine for MTV. They created a layout gridfitter for the 1999 Dutch Christmas stamps.

Erik’s older brother Peter helped to create a tool for programming type designers called RoboFog.  RoboFog is an essential tool in projects like RoboFonts. Python is their programming language of choice. Letterror has developed GifWrap and Bitpull as well. GifWrap is a system to include type in a website without giving away the fonts. BitPull was created as away to make bitmapped type incredibly flexible.

Jan 16 / Samantha Pardy

Presentation Notes:

Jonathon Hoefler/ Hoefler Type Foundry:

  • The process starts with H because its a square, O next because its a circle, and then D because its a combination of the two
  • Gotham made specificly for landscapes and buildings/urban settings
  • Archer typeface was created to be a timeless typeface (used in Martha Stewart Magazine)

Alice Savoie:

  • French Type Studio
  • Designed font for the Process Type Foundry
  • Does hand lettering
  • Capucine (sans serif font) took 5 years to make
  • Ysobel designed for Monotype imaging
  • Phototype setting: light to project letters on photographic paper and then negative/positive letter images used

Emigre Type Foundry/Magazine:

  • Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko started in 1984
  • Licko designed half of Emigre’s top ten selling fonts
  • Mrs Eaves is top selling font from Emigre (its a reinvention of Baskerville)
  • First to make their type library available on the web


  • Sibylle Hagmann
  • Cholla and Odile two main typefaces
  • Presented her work nationally and internationally at conferences and educational exhibits

Typotheque/Peter Bil’ak:

  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Fedra Sans is most well known created for corporate use
  • Specialize in Latin and non-Latin based fonts

Process Type Foundry:

  • Golden Valley, Minnesotta
  • Eric Olson
  • Walker Art Center Project


  • World’s largest independent design consultancy
  • Owned and run by 19 friends, partners, and leaders
  • Work one-on-one with their clients
  • Believe that “great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment.”


  • Akiem Helming, Sami Kortemaki, and Bas Jacobs
  • No set studio, work alone and together
  • Radio Station: TypeRadio


  • Andrea Tinnes
  • Roletta Sans (playful construction and composition)
  • Burg University Identity design


Jan 15 / Samantha Pardy

Reading Notes

Words originated as gestures of the body

The first typefaces were directly modeled on the forms of calligraphy. Typefaces, however, are not bodily gestures–they are manufactured images designed for infinite repetition

Movable type was invented by Johannes Guttenberg in Germany in the early 15th century

In fifteenth-century Italy, humanist writers and scholars rejected gothic scripts in favor of the lettera antica, a classical mode of handwriting with wider, more open forms.

The romain du roi (King’s alphabet) was designed not by a typographer but by a government committee consisting of two priests, an accountant, and an engineer. -Robert Bringhurst 1992

The industrial methods of producing typography meant that all letters had to be identical…Typography is now produced with sophisticated equipment that doesn’t impose such rules. The only limitations are in our expectations. -Erik van Blokland and Just van Possum 2000

Typography is an art that can be deliberately misused. It is a craft by which the meanings of a text (or its absence of meaning) can be clarified, honored, and shared, or knowingly disguised.

X-heights (the height of the main body of the lowercase letter

The Pantograph is a tracing device that, when linked to a router for carving, allows a parent drawing to spawn variants with different proportions, weights, and decorative excresences.

The typographer’s one essential task is to interpret and communicate the text

The second take is to analyze and map it only then can typographic interpretation begin

  • invite the reader into the text
  • reveal the tenor and meaning of the text
  • clarify the structure and the order of the text
  • link the text with other existing elements
  • induce a state of energetic repose, which is the ideal condition for reading