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Oct 27 / Rob Thompson

Warrior Pumpkin!

Here is my Wayne State Warrior pumpkin! Happy Halloween everyone!

Warrior Pumpkin!

Warrior Pumpkin!

Jun 10 / Rob Thompson

Emergency Power

Detroit and Wayne State have seen some significant power challenges over the last few days.  Although WSU classes are cancelled (on 6/9 and 6/10) due to power problems at buildings throughout campus, C&IT has a surprising amount of emergency power available to keep you online and connected.  At the WSU computing center, we have multiple redundant power sources including natural gas generators and battery systems.  This all ensures that our services are available and that our systems are protected from power issues.

I both live and work in Detroit.   Even at home, I was without power for most of Thursday, and now again on Friday.  A power line has snapped in my alley, which has added to the length of the outage.

Luckily I also have some emergency power available at home by way of a series of lead-acid batteries that are kept trickle-charged constantly.  This helps me keep my laptop and cell phone batteries charged, and lets me stay in-contact with work.

I’m glad that Android 2.2 introduced mobile 802.11 tethering! For the 2nd day in a row, I have relied on it to stay online and to keep my laptop and cell phone (AP)  fully charged, and to keep connected in order to continue with business as usual.

This got me thinking.  What do others do to stay connected when and if municipal power goes south?

Jun 7 / Rob Thompson

Zimbra 7 (Wayne Connect) Upgrade Scheduled for Summer 2011

We’re very excited about an upgrade to Zimbra version 7 scheduled for this Summer!  Some of the new features include the ability to set your working hours, free/busy time suggestions, new filtering abilities, including the ability to filter outbound message and much more.

For a semi-complete list of major updates, have a look here.