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Jul 1 / Zach Kilgore

RISEUP 2015 Updates

RISEUP 2015 is well under way. The interns have submitted their research proposals and have attended four workshops, where they have heard reports from other interns’ mentors, listened to talks from experts in relevant topics, and taken a firsthand look at sustainability in communities.

Each intern was required to write an in-depth proposal for their research project. These proposals discussed background on the research topic, specific aims of the project, research methods, and a plan for disseminating their findings. Although the vast majority of the work was done by the interns, they received extensive feedback from their mentors and program director Dr. Jeffrey Ram. According to Dr. Ram, “these are all excellent proposals,” noting the attention to detail given by the interns. To see the project proposals, please click here.

Every other week, RISEUP interns have attended a workshop to encourage collaboration, enhance their academic experience, and hear other perspectives on sustainability research. Highlights from the two most recent workshops include a field trip the Georgia Street Community Collective to learn about environmental and nonprofit sustainability at the neighborhood level, conflict resolution training from Barbara Jones of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, a talk on statistics and study design with Dr. Shlomo Sawilowsky, and mentor presentations from Dr. Natalie Sampson, Dr. Alisa Moldavanova, and Dr. Larry Lemke.

Next week’s workshop will include a kayaking tour of Belle Isle Park in Detroit, MI – a much needed break for these hardworking interns!