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Aug 4 / Jonathan Witham

Scholars Lend a Helping Hand on Projects

A few of the RISEUP scholars decided to get together and help each other on their projects last Thursday. Phil, Jenai, and Jonathan all went to Peche Island to gather samples for Phil’s project on methods to control Phragmites. After crossing into Canada and exploring a bit of Windsor before taking a boat over to the island, we hiked the trails of Peche Island and took in the magnificent beauty of mostly untouched forestland and wildlife. Peche Island, located at the mouth of the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair, had hoped to be developed into a tourist island, but the developments on Belle Isle came sooner. However, the natural mature forests of Peche Island are something you cannot experience on Belle Isle, Detroit, or Windsor and is a great escape from the bustling cities. But now large Phragmites, an invasive species on the island, are overtaking the forest and there is a starking contrast between the forest and the tall stalks of the phragmites when you hike the island. Canada does not use pesticides to treat invasive plants, and the island is not currently managing them frequently. We took leaf samples of different locations of Phragmites on the island to bring back to the lab at WSU for Phil to analyze.

It was a wonderful day to catch up on our projects, help gather samples, and enjoy the day together as all of our projects are coming to a close. Projects will be completed with presentations at the summer research symposium in Scott Hall on August 6th at 12pm.


Jonathan, RISEUP scholar at ECT.

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