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About She

¡Hola Mundo! For those of you that do not speak Spanish and/or do not know it even a little bit, that beginning sentence means “Hello World!”


My name is MaNazah Chandler. I’m originally from the small town of Muskegon, MI and I moved to the city of Detroit back in 2010 to pursue a higher education at Wayne State University (WSU). I am currently a senior in my fourth year here at WSU with a major in Art and a concentration in Interdisciplinary Electronic Arts and Media. I will be using my degree to pursue a career in Animation when the time comes. I began my higher education here at WSU on August 28, 2010 and I am scheduled to graduate from WSU on May 5, 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA).

It is dear to my heart that I am a first generation college student and the first of my generation to pursue a higher education. It took I, MaNazah J’Nea Chandler, born in October of 1992 to break the negative cycle which my family had created over the years. I knew that there was more to the world than Muskegon and that I and my thoughts as well as my ideas were even too big for Muskegon alone, I had to leave. There is an entire world out here unknown to me and I will stop at nothing until I see as much as I possibly can.

My love for the arts extends well beyond Animation. My other hobbies/interests include, but are not limited to: photography, poetry, teaching/tutoring, singing, learning, volunteering, and overall succeeding. I am a very hard-worker and I strive everyday to become successful and to become a significant being before leaving this Earth.

I look forward to learning everything there is to know about Entrepreneurship!


16 Jan 2015