The Debate on Apple Backdoors Continues

Declan McCullagh (well-known IT commentator and software developer) has a take on why software companies are up in arms about the FBI’s request for assistance with breaking into a terrorist’s iPhone.

And, in case you want some sense of how many important contemporary software and hardware companies are frightened by this development, here’s a list of those who have filed Amicus briefs in the case.

A careful reading of the list shows there aren’t many major players who aren’t taking Apple’s side, including many of their rivals. And here’s the inside story on how Apple marshalled their colleagues to join the fray.

2 Replies to “The Debate on Apple Backdoors Continues”

  1. What the article does not note, but that ought to be added to the discussion, is that Apple and Google are not just American companies. iOS and Android devices are sold around the world. If tech companies comply with the FBI and build a backdoor, then they will also be forced to accede to demands for access by the governments of countries like China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

  2. Yes, a number of other commentators have made the point that other governments are undoubtedly salivating at the potential to break into their citizens’ smartphones. Gack.

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