Duo Again

Roughly two months ago the university introduced Duo, a two-factor authentication system to protect sensitive data held by the university. It did this in response to innumerable phishing attacks, some of which succeeded well enough that faculty paychecks were stolen and systems shut down because some of us opened sneaky emails and followed the instructions therein.

In order to limit the damage that these phishing attacks cause, we decided to make it harder for scammers to break into our systems. By requiring that everyone confirm that it is indeed them, and not a crook from Antarctica (or perhaps someone from closer in), who is attempting to enter grades or change direct deposit banking details, we hope to save the university a lot of money and our employees a lot of heartbreak.

Duo simply provides a simultaneous parallel avenue of logging in, in addition to the combination of AccessID and password. The parallel avenue can be a smartphone, a simple cellphone, an office telephone or several other routes. Think of it as having both a key to the door and facial recognition software. Or someone waiting to hear you say, “Joe sent me.”

For complete instructions on how to use Duo you can see my previous blog, the notice the university sent out in early November, or the computing.wayne.edu information page. Finally, here are step-by-step instructions.

There are a few minor glitches people have discovered. If you want to put the Duo app on your smartphone and your credit card details with the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store have expired, you’ll have to put in current information. Note that this is Apple and Google’s rule, not Wayne State’s or Duo’s. They don’t want you downloading other apps for free, even though Duo itself is, and always will be, free.

Another minor glitch is that some folks apparently missed the Duo roll-out entirely, which indicates that they never looked at anything in Academica that was connected to Banner (such as their paystub, their benefits or their classlists) before final grade submission began. I would strongly recommend reading messages that C&IT sends out — it really might be important 🙂 And we try hard not to overwhelm the campus with email announcements.[1]

[1] True story. Many years ago I was a member of a committee of fairly well-established WSU researchers. One of them told the committee that he instructed his junior colleagues to delete any messages that came from the WSU administration without reading them. He said they should stay away from university politics. My first reaction was, “What if the email message from the Chief Holt was warning them about an active shooter in their building?”

2 Replies to “Duo Again”

  1. Was out of town and somehow grades were not submitted and the set up system with my office number only did not work and had no idea what to do until I contacted IT for support which unfortunately was over Christmas holiday. Thank goodness someone was available to help.

    In the process of uploading the DUO App I received information on a credit card which may have been in the system when I was adding money to my one card which I no longer do.

    My question is how do I clean this up or remove the information?

    1. If you have an iPhone the AppStore requires an updated credit card, whether or not you plan to buy apps. Duo is free, but Apple wants your credit card just in case you buy something else. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about their business model. Once you have the Duo app installed on your phone you can go into the Appstore and delete the credit card information. Write me directly if you have additional problems. geoffnathan@wayne.edu

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