More on the New Email System

I’ve been asked how folks will know that they have been transferred to the new Wayne Connect. The answer is that there will be notification emails a week before the transition and one (business) day before. Then, once you have been transferred, the new mail page will look like this:

New Email header



Because the new Wayne Connect is part of a larger suite of applications (email, Word, Excel etc.) your login page may look like this:

New O365 Portal Page


So you’ll have plenty of warning and you’ll be able to tell immediately. Finally, you will receive an informative email message as soon as the transition has taken place.

6 Replies to “More on the New Email System”

  1. Does this mean that we will no longer be purchasing Microsoft Office, and will instead be expected to use Office Online?

    1. No, not quite. You can continue to use your existing licensed version in your office, as well as the Office Online versions. You will be able to download the desktop versions for home use for free. Details are still being worked out, but a notice about it will be available soon.

  2. Thanks for the information. Just to highlight one issue — Endnote (which we offer on a site license) will not work with Office Online, nor will several other add-ons. So it seems likely that many faculty will still need to have the desktop version of Office (also because it contains Access and Publisher).

  3. You can continue to use the add-ons (what else do you use besides Endnote?) on your office machine and can, of course continue to use it on home machines too. And the home download version includes Access and Publisher also.

  4. We have a whole suite of Excel add-ons that we use for data manipulation and analysis, and I suspect that none of those will work on Office Online. So the key question is whether we will still be able to have Office 365 loaded onto our office computers, or whether that will only be allowed on our home computers. But I suspect that that’s a topic to be addressed after the details are worked out, as you mentioned above. Thanks!

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