Big Data, Privacy and How the Empire Should Have Struck Back

The Second Death Star Under Construction


My colleague Dan Solove has a column on how the Empire would have won, had they made proper use of big data techniques. Here is his opening paragraph:

If the Empire had used big data:

. . . the Empire would have won. A search of records would have revealed where Luke Skywalker was living on Tatooine.  A more efficient collection and aggregation of Jawa records would have located the droids immediately.  Simple data analysis would have revealed that Ben Kenobi was really Obi Wan Kenobi. A search of birth records would have revealed that Princess Leia was Luke’s sister. Had the Empire had anything like the NSA, it would have had all the data it needed, and it could have swept up the droids and everyone else, and that would have been that.

You can read the rest here

On January 26 the Chief Privacy Officer at U of M will be presenting a talk about the tension between privacy and the use of big data.

Bernath Auditorium at 1:30. All welcome.