The access to your email is NOT suspended

Many people today got an email message warning them that access to their email had been suspended. This is, of course, phishing.

The message looked like this:

Phishing Email

It encourages you to click on a link which will take you to a Google Doc which looks like this:

Google Docs phishing site

Needless to say, don’t fill it inIn fact, don’t even click on the link in the first place. Unfortunately, this particular brand of phishing, which uses Google’s resources, can’t be blocked, because lots of us use Google Docs for perfectly legitimate purposes.

Ultimate lesson: never click on a link in an email and then enter your Wayne State AccessID and password. Wayne State will never send you a log-in link. Instead we will tell you to type in the address or use your bookmarks. That way you always know where in cyberspace you are.