More on gaining your real identity

Geoff Plate

Several folks asked me how to go about making sure you are you, and not your license plate. I’m going to give some detailed instructions here to help. This assumes you are using the Web-based version of Wayne Connect, through Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. If you use Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird you’ll need to use a slightly different procedure.

First, make sure that your normal return address is your real name. You do this by going to ‘Preferences’ on the top menu and selecting ‘Accounts’.

Preferences Panel

 On the right you will see Primary Account Settings.

Primary Account Settings Box

Put your preference for how your name will be displayed in the two left-hand boxes and click Save (at the top of the screen). Now what you have chosen as your name will always show up as the sender, whether you use your license plate or not.

If you need to keep a license plate return address (say because you are subscribed to a listserv with that address) you need to establish a Persona. This is essentially an alias that you can choose before you send a message.

To do this, click the ‘Add Persona’ button, and you will see this:

Persona Image

Choose the address you need to establish (normally your license place) from the drop-down menu on the right. Click the appropriate boxes (When replying to…), give it a name, and click Save.

Then, whenever you send a message (and particularly when you are writing to a listserv which uses your license plate ID) you will see a little drop-down box in the ‘From’ area.

Return address drop-down

Now, every time you send an email you have the choice of which return address to use.

One more thing. Just today I got a message with lots of unidentified license plates. In fact, there were probably fifty out of maybe a hundred addresses in all. Mine was one of them–I have no idea why (this was neither a ‘reply’ nor any other automatic isertion of addresses). That’s what I’m talking about….