Illegal Downloading and the University–again

In a week or so Dean of Students, David Strauss, will be sending a message to all WSU students reminding them that they should not be downloading copyrighted material (books, music, movies, software) illegally, and that the owners of those copyrights (especially of movies–MPAA and music–RIAA) are out looking for sites that distribute those files and will come after the distributors, which, in many cases, are the same people who did the downloading in the first place. This is because the software that handles downloading (BitTorrent and its competitors) not only helps you download content, but also makes it available to others to download from you.

My friend and colleague Tracy Mitrano, IT Policy guru at Cornell, recently wrote a great article in Inside Higher Ed on this issue.  As Wayne State does, Cornell sends out a message (as required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008) on the topic, and she usually asks students to write her with questions. The article is primarily a response to a question she got, and her answer is so thoughtful, I’d like to simply post a link to it here: