TRC Team wins award–time to check them out!


Many of us are familiar with the TRC (the Technology Resource Center) located on the ground floor of Purdy-Kresge Library). There you can find the folks behind Bbadmin, the guys who keep the classroom computers up to date and other library technology and teaching experts.

This past year Geralyn Stephens, Associate Clinical Professor in Education, spent part of her TRC Fellowship developing a whole series of Blackboard materials—course templates and standardized modules, and helped set up a peer-to-peer Online Teaching Network and real-time virtual and face-to-face help options. As a result of this activity the TRC won an award from Blackboard Corporation, the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Faculty Development. Geralyn, Cindy Sulad (Associate Director of the TRC), and the rest of the TRC will be honored at the international BbWorld® user conference, to be held in July in Las Vegas.
In the words of Ray Henderson,  Chief Technology Officer and President of Academic Platforms at Blackboard:

“Catalyst Award winners represent some of today’s finest examples of leveraging technology to improve the education experience. Each winner has established best-in-field approaches in critical areas including online learning, course development, school communication and mobile education. We congratulate the winners on their vision and their excellent work, and we celebrate this accomplishment with them.”

So, why not pay them a visit. They’re open 9-5, Monday to Friday and are always happy to see drop-ins. Or make an appointment. Or visit their website:


The TRC Team outside McGregor
The TRC Team outside Purdy-Kresge





Some Thoughts on the NSA Data Collection Story

Anything I say here would be highly political, needless to say. The following reflects my views alone, and does not speak for the university.

My university IT security policy buddies around the country have discussed whether universities ought to add a warning to our email log-in screens saying that anything you write may be indexed by the federal government. I don’t think any university has actually done that so far, however. Given the size of the headlines, it seems unnecessary to restate what the whole world now knows.

Instead, I’ll link to a number of thoughtful columns, all by people I respect, who have said things I think are right on.

Bruce Schneier, well-known security guru. Invented the term ‘security theater’.

Daniel Ellsburg (if you’re old enough you certainly remember him.)

Tracy Mitrano (blogs for Inside Higher Ed, my opposite number at Cornell and a good friend)

Peter Swire, International Privacy Association and the C. William O’Neil Professor at the Moritz College of Law of The Ohio State University