Now you have to watch out for QR Codes

What are QR codes? They’re those funny little blotchy squares you see all over the place. They are actually web addresses that you can point your smartphone at, and it will take you there. Many ads in magazines and billboards have them. They’re cool, and they’re handy. But now, they’re also risky. Who would have thought? A recent article on Dark Reading (a website for security geeks like myself) has the info:

2 Replies to “Now you have to watch out for QR Codes”

  1. I have never trusted those little symbols but did think it was a neat idea. It would be especially fun to use them at the museum or zoo. Too bad someone had to spoil a good thing.

    1. With my ancient Palm Pre the QR app is clumsy, so I rarely use it anyway. Still, I agree–a pity to spoil a useful thing.

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