LOL…OMG! What can go wrong on Facebook–Jan. 30 at 1 PM in Bernath

Facebook and similar social networks are now so commonplace that the creation of Facebook was recently a major motion picture. And most of us have some kind of presence on FB, if not some additional ones (faculty and staff also use Linkedin and Plaxo, among others). On the other hand, we’ve all read about the problems that can be created if the wrong thing ends up on one of these sites. Matt Ivester (‘eye-vester’) learned a whole bunch of things when he started JuicyCampus a couple of years ago as a gossip site for universities and their students. He thought it would be fun (LOL) and it very quickly turned nasty. Very nasty. As in lawsuits and death threats (OMG). He has since written a book about his experiences, aimed primarily at high school and college students (although all of us could learn something from him). The book is, funnily enough, LOL…OMG!

EDUCAUSE, the national educational computing organization, to which Wayne State belongs, is presenting a national webcast with Matt Ivester on January 30 at 1 PM. It’s free and we’re streaming it live in Bernath Auditorium.

If you use Twitter you can ask questions (@address will be available just before the webcast).

You can find out more about this event here

As an extra added bonus, Ivester is permitting free downloads of his book (for a limited number of days) at the site mentioned in the link above.

If you can’t attend live, the event can be streamed to your desktop (probably mobile device too). Watch this space for additional details. It will also be archived, so you can watch it later, at your leisure.