Don’t walk while texting (or emailing or browsing…)

On Thursday October 25 I was walking across campus, around 1:30, heading towards a meeting and trying to deal with an issue with a recent travel request. While attempting to look up a phone number on my smartphone I tripped over the edge of a small platform and landed on my knees while my head hid a planter with a pebbly surface:

Planter under Prentis BuildingAs you might imagine, this did considerable damage to my face, and attracted a crowd. Some wonderful people from the Rec Center came with a first-aid kit and cleaned up most of the blood, but decided to call an ambulance, as this was potentially a closed-head brain injury. Never got a chance to get their names, but within five minutes an ambulance came and transported me to the Emergency Room in Receiving Hospital. I spent about four hours there, and, after a CAT scan it was decided that nothing was broken, but I was told to have someone watch me overnight and wake me every two hours to make sure I wasn’t experiencing post-traumatic brain swelling.

In the end, I was very lucky, and got off with a bad scrape on my forehead:

Abraded face


I took this picture with the offending instrument immediately after I was discharged from the hospital, and was waiting to be driven back to my car. I look much better here than I did the next morning, when my right eye was completely swollen shut and I was developing a ‘sympathetic’ black eye on the left side as well.

Almost all the ‘blackening’ is now gone, and there are only scabs and scars left, as of today. But the ‘take-home’ is very simply–don’t text and walk. It’s dangerous. I could have been badly hurt, not just ‘defaced’.

End of lesson for today.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that looks bad! Sorry to hear about your “accident” but thank you for sharing. Hope others learn a lesson from you. I know I did.

  2. I applaud your honesty. I would have made up another story, perhaps involving my rushing to rescue a puppy about to be run over.

  3. I too applaud your “confession,” Geoff, while being relieved you are ok. Texting, emailing, and browsing while walking and driving are both hazardous.

  4. That looks like my shingles did. Ouch. Best of luck Geoff, enjoy your retirement. If you get bored or feel like being an activist you know how to find me.

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