Yet another reason to write your congressperson

A new bill being considered by the House would essentially give a few trade organizations the power to shut down anything on the web they don’t like. All they have to do is allege that it is storing unauthorized copyrighted material. While I can sympathize with artists who feel they are being ripped off by downloading, the potential for abuse of this law is enormous. More details here (commercial link includes an ad).

Educause, which is the national organization for university IT professionals (both the technical types, like network engineers and CIO’s, as well as those deeply involved in online learning and IT in the classroom), has released a formal response to the latest draft of this particular bill.

The response can be read here:

4 Replies to “Yet another reason to write your congressperson”

  1. Ridiculous! This is why our country is spiraling into debt. Not enough thought is taken into consideration before these bills are even proposed. They are shotgunned through the process and after the fallout settles, we spend countless taxpayer dollars and wasted time that could be applied to fixing real social-economic problems trying to figure out how to repeal these dumb laws in the first place. We already have countless ways around being traced and can encrypt our hard drives to the point where the information is useless in court. If someone really wants to infringe on copyrighted material, the internet will always provide a way no matter how hard the government nannies try to prevent it. This will be new new drug war of this millennium. Another failed government attempt to stop an unstoppable force.

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