VPN’s–Now on smartphones too!

News flash. In my blog about VPN’s I didn’t mention connecting to the Wayne VPN with a mobile device, such as an iPad or Blackberry. Turns out you can. All you need to do is download a free app (there’s one for each of the major platforms—iOS, Android and Blackberry) called Junos Pulse. Installing it is quite transparent, and it works flawlessly. Instructions for each device can be downloaded from the Juniper/Junos Pulse support website.

2 Replies to “VPN’s–Now on smartphones too!”

  1. Hi. I tried finding a version for Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 RT – no luck. Are there any alternatives?

    1. There is a (non-certified) version for Windows 8, but not for RT, I’m afraid. On a real Windows 8 box the non-certified version works fine, and will be certified in the next couple of months. Probably not for RT.

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