Cool Ways to Handle your Wayne Connect E-mail

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged, and I thought I’d get back in the saddle by writing something about cool things you can do with our e-mail system.
I have used the web-based version of Wayne Connect since it first came out, but I am continually learning new tricks and shortcuts, and I’m going to share some of them with you here.

With Wayne Connect, (which is based on the Zimbra e-mail program, also underneath AT&T and Yahoo’s e-mail programs) the main thing to remember is that there is no real need to carefully manage and husband your e-mails. With 10 gigabytes of storage most people can keep five or even ten years of e-mail in the system and be able to access any specific message within a few seconds, because the program comes with very powerful search tools. If you are used to desktop client e-mail programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird you will find the web-based Wayne Connect system equally powerful, once you learn how to run searches quickly.

The key is to use the search box at the top of the window:

You can write simple text in here, and it will find all e-mail messages with that text, even if the text is in an attachment (assuming the attachment has text and isn’t a graphics file such as a jpeg or certain kinds of pdf’s).
In addition, if you use mailboxes you can add a restriction only to look in certain ones by typing
in: and clicking on whatever mailbox shows up in the list.
Furthermore, if you are looking for a message from some person, you can add from: and the name of the sender.
For example, suppose that I want to find all messages from my friend Mervyn that talk about laptops, but haven’t yet been filed to my Notabene mailbox. Such a complex search would look like this:

laptop in:Inbox from: mervyn

and the result (using my mail account) looks like this after you hit enter or click search:

You can add additional search terms as well. For example, if you type has: in the box it will offer to look for attachments, phone numbers or url’s contained within all messages. So if you want Suzie’s phone number, and you remember that it’s in a message that Sam sent, you can search as follows:

from:Sam has:phone

You can also search all your mail (all 10 Gigs of it) by status. Say you want to see all unread e-mail from President Obama (perhaps something’s nagging your conscience). You can use the is: parameter, as follows:

from:Obama is:Unread

Notice that the program offers many other ‘status’ options besides ‘unread’. Just click on one to find it.
There are many other cool things you can do with the Wayne Connect interface, and I’ll write about some more in a subsequent blog entry.

6 Replies to “Cool Ways to Handle your Wayne Connect E-mail”

  1. Can anybody tell me how to filter E-mail? I’ve tried everything that’s listed. It will move it into the junk folder one time – how do I get it to move everything that ever comes in from these “unwanted” immediately to junk?

  2. Is this an actual email service, like Outlook Web Access, or a filing system? The major drawback to the Web Access program is that it will not permit one to embed images in messages, unlike Eudora and similar systems.

    1. You embed images by using the ‘attach’ menu, then clicking the box that says ‘Show images in message body’. Other than that, there’s no feature that Outlook Web Access has that Wayne Connect lacks. The features you are missing may be there, but hidden away. Let me know and I’ll find out and post them in my next post on this subject.

  3. I have saved email for over a decade and search it often, but had no idea these search options existed. Great to know! Thanks much!! jaf

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