Install Endpoint–Do Everyone a Favor

Symantec End-Point Protection

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Wayne State is observing it by holding a campaign to get everyone to install Symantec End-point Protection on their home and office computers. Here’s why:
The Internet, like the world, is a scary place. But in 2010 you can’t avoid it, and you probably don’t want to. However, you can make it safer, both for you, and for those around you. In the last century we worried about viruses, but the number and kind of threats has vastly increased since then, and many new evil objects have been invented, so much that we now talk about malware, by analogy with hard- and software. Malware is the generic name for programs that get spread throughout the internet, usually landing on someone’s computer. Their purpose is to disrupt, damage or infect individual machines.
Once infected, the malware’s purpose is to help run coordinated attacks on other computers (called denial of service attacks), aid in the distribution of questionable goods (copyrighted movies, music or software, or even pornography, both legal and illegal), or to capture your passwords and other log-in information (this is called keystroke logging). Stolen log-in credentials are then used to steal your money and/or your identity.
Malware is easy to get and hard to get rid of, kind of like a cold. But we do have two kinds of defense. One is behavior—be careful where you surf. A national campaign to get people to ‘stop, think, connect’ is just starting up.
The other is to install Symantec  Endpoint Protection, the successor to Symantec (Norton) Anti-Virus.
NEP is free to all Wayne State students, faculty and staff. You can, and should download Endpoint by clicking the orange icon on and install it on all PC’s and Macs that you have any control over (Medical School personnel will have it installed and configured automatically on your office computers, but even you Med School folks do need to install it on all your home computers).
It’s quick and it’s free, so what are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself, your family and everyone else at Wayne State.

4 Replies to “Install Endpoint–Do Everyone a Favor”

  1. While I agree in principle, we have had several; users who tried to install the new version end up with a mess – especially Mac users.

    1. If folks use the web-based version there’s nothing to install. I read Wayne Connect on my Mac using Safari and it works great.

  2. Hi again – DO NOT try this yourself unless your tech person is around – I started it Monday at 4:30 pm – after the Help Desk tried for 15 minutes to figure out why it would not install I called my local tech person Tues morning – it took 30 minutes of my time following his advice and another 30 minutes of his time to get it to install – and that invovled editing the registry which had the side effect of screwing up my virtual network drive mapping – I am still trying to find some network files! Will have to pull a back-up tape…

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