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Mar 30 / Elizabeth Rager

Why Performance Management?

No matter how much people complain about doing performance reviews, employees, managers and organizations still need them.  This blog will look at key reasons for doing performance management and will include best practices, tools and hopefully discussion from Wayne State Employees on the differing aspects of performance management.   

Just some thoughts from some major HR Gurus:  Dick Grote of Grote Consulting concludes that most believe “performance appraisal fails because of the forms or the procedures are wrong, or the managers don’t know how to have the conversation,” but, “The primary reason [it fails] is that people don’t understand what the appraisal is.”

“Performance management is like budgeting: It’s required in every organization, it’s cumbersome and onerous, it never comes out exactly as you planned, and managers always whine,” says Grote. “But you would never get rid of budget planning just like you should never get rid of performance appraisal—because no matter how flawed the process is, it’s good business practice.”

John Lewison, SPHR, director of human resources at MDRC, a New York-based policy research organization with 225 employees says, “We’ve talked to people who contend that performance reviews are dead and that there are better ways to manage. But the fact is, we still need to set expectations and manage them, and this is still the best way to do it.”

I look foward to stimulating dialogue on this topic. 

Welcome to my blog!

Elizabeth Rager
OED Specialist
Organization & Employee Development