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Jan 31 / Aeisha Reese

Unraveling a Character…

Exploring always gives  me delight.  As we waled around each other I could feel the energy of others surrounding me while staying in my own space/center. However, there were moments where my sense of breath and assertiveness changed my pace and walking pattern, which caused me to step into others space/center. I can’t deny that feeling the energy of others influences your energy flow, making it difficult to consistently stay in your own space/center.

After experimenting with walking patterns and humanistic characteristics, I discovered that my strongest created character was someone who carries their shoulders tense and held high and back arched. This particular character reflects qualities of my personal old habits. I recall holding a lot of tension in my shoulders, which caused me to be emotionally stressed and very negative. It’s amazing how our body’s physical structure influences our emotional state.  In my past, the type of environment I grew up in was full of depression and negative energy. Someone was constantly criticizing you, and there was always tension between one or more groups of people.  I felt weak and longed for tranquility and relaxation. Thank goodness I was introduced to “breathing,'” which has given me a path to relaxation and positive energy.

I feel the best name for a character who’s always stressed out in the workplace would be MARGARET. I don’t know why, bu it seems like the stereotypical name of a female figure who always has a lot of pressure on their shoulders.


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  1. altadefinizione / Feb 11 2017

    I can’t deny that feeling the energy of others influences your energy flow, making it difficult to consistently stay in your own space/center

  2. Shay Johnson / Feb 1 2012

    The character that I had the strongest relationship with was a 5 year old sassy girl. During our “play time” she initially thought that she was just playing a game at her parents work place. At first it was very fun for her, but eventually, she realized she couldn’t find her parents, and she began to get very nervous, and also became quite pouty. She often times during high stress clings to the walls of her environment. Her want while in the factory was to find her parents and ease her anxiety.

    During her normal play time however the little girl can be very adventurous. She likes her real identity to be kept a secret from most as she will only respond to her made up stage name, which is Sally B. That being said she is at the heart, an overdramatic 5 year old performer addicted to fame. She often times will sit her parents and relatives down to watch her put on puppet shows, as well as improvisational plays. She is obnoxious at best, but her work is at least interesting to watch in the eyes of her parents. They however, don’t have the courage to tell her that she is not in fact a “SUPERHERO BALLERINA” and mayhaps will never be. She is also a bit too winey for the liking of others, and when she doesn’t get her way she often times resorts to pouting. What Sally B wants most in life is to become a FAMOUS ballerina, or opera singer. She can never really decide.

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