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9 Jan 2014


Trying to upload these are getting to be a slight pain due to the limit of space we’re provided with. However, found an alternate route and here they are. Used two-sided tape instead of glue, which makes a mess no matter what kind. Paralyzer, which is my blog name, was the title to this assignment. These are all before it was photocopied front to back. I did not have my camera on me while I was working on this in the middle of Kino’s. Left my phone in the car so I wouldn’t be distracted as well to complete this. So I have only images of the build. I figured the intro quote was appropriate, because when I felt stuck or challenged, I indeed had to work through the troubles.

18 Dec 2012


27 Nov 2012


I came across this on pinterest. Very minimal and very powerful. By a group of designers who use minimalism to send the movie message. I think it’s extremely witty of the designer to use the moon at Jack Skellington’s head, christmas ornaments for the eyes and santa and his sleigh for the smile. Who would have thought?

Credit found Here

27 Nov 2012




The final results of my Constrained Systems project. I wish I had more of a creative mind for this assignment, but I was not much enthused about it to come up with something more creative then this. Comparing it to classmates, I feel like these are slightly insignificant to theirs. Process of learning and recreating the portfolio is key though. Definite revision of these will happen in the future.

27 Nov 2012


Process work for project four, and in all honesty, I did not enjoy this assignment. Not sure why, but it was straining for me.

27 Nov 2012


Constrained Systems

I have a feeling that I’m going to be challenged with this assignment. To create a letter form from using these two words and using only circles or squares, I’m going to want to pull my hair out. Maybe.

6 Nov 2012


Creating this fictional letter form has been quite the task, taking pieces of letters and arranging them together without making it look complex and confusing. The simplest form I have come up with is a combination of t and u, conveniently placing it between the t and u in the alphabet. I have yet to figure out what to call this form.

Fictional Letter

Fictional Letter Display

25 Oct 2012


I thought that is was clever.

23 Oct 2012


While sketching out these thumbnails, I have come to notice that the type face Rockwell is very geometric. The edges are very sharp and the serifs are elongated.

18 Oct 2012