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Jul 5 / Carl Sorgen

Catching Up During the Summer – A Summer Checklist

Do you have a mountain of projects that you built throughout the academic year hoping you’ll find time to complete during the summer? We want you to be ready for another successful year, so we put together a summer checklist. If you already have a checklist, you may find more suggestions below. If you don’t have one yet, this might be a great starting point.


  • Update and organize your teaching portfolio
  • Update your CV and biographical statement
  • Review your SETs from previous semesters
  • Collect and organize your course materials
  • Make notes on changes you would like to implement in future offerings of your courses
  • Prepare syllabi and course materials for courses you’ll be teaching in the fall
  • Caption your videos and make other materials accessible
  • Start working on your summer writing projects
  • Create a blog
  • Participate in a workshop or webinar
  • Plan travel for the Fall and Winter semesters
  • Focus your research goals for realistic progress
  • Outline your summer goals and break large tasks into smaller steps


We found some of the ideas for this checklist on these websites.  For more details, please click on the links.

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