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Apr 3 / Tyler Gace

Typographers (Jonathan Barnbrook)

Barnbrook is probably my favorite of the typographers I’ve been exposed to so far. I initially discovered him as a par of Emigre as the designer of my favorite typeface in that catalogue, Mason serif. The typeface Mason has several different variations and all of the them look phenomenal. Even the sans serif version of Mason has a lot of character and interesting forms for a sans serif font. That means a lot coming from me because I usually find sans serif fonts uninteresting and really just convenient as shapes to be worked into compositions. Two other fonts I like from Barnbrook are Exocet and Infidel. Many of these fonts contain a cool juxtaposition of modern elements with medieval and ancient styles. These fonts border on novelty but have a certain sophistication that leaves them with integrity.

cc-mason cc-exocet cc-infidel