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Apr 2 / Tyler Gace

Reflections Project 4

Project 4 was a project on Constrained Systems. The particular system in question was a modular based system within a grid. The two words I designed a typeface for based on their connotations were “disappearance” and “spontaneous.” Right off the bat, I had many ideas for the “disappearance” typeface, having been inspired by a Deafheaven album cover I mentioned in an earlier post. Through several explorations I opted for a circle module, which gave the letterforms an insubstantial feel, like they were the remnants of letters that have disappeared. Additionally,  I completely removed parts of the letterform where the stroke would normally be thin. I felt like this strategy married the ideas of a sudden disappearance with a gradual one while also implying that the typeface is whats left of something that disappeared. The general reception to that system was positive with most of the dissension  coming from my claim that it contains elements of suddenness. I see why and in the end it was better that it conveyed a more gradual feeling because when compared to the other version of disappearance which was more sudden, it created a good conversation in class.

The system for spontaneous was more difficult because one, I’m not a spontaneous person and not inclined to thinking this way, and two, spontaneity is hard to depict without crossing the line into chaotic or explosive. I focused on connotations of flowing, naturally occurring and sudden change. The flowing comes from the scrip[t font, naturally occurring from its organic shape, reminiscent of vines, and finally, sudden change from the dramatic contrast of small and large modules. I felt it conveys spontaneity fairly well albeit not a very pretty type face.

Overall, I enjoyed this assignment despite the struggles. Some of the requirements for the modules were a bit more restrictive than I would have liked. Having only a choice between circles or squares really hampered many of my ideas. This mostly happened because I was trying very hard to avoid making a typeface that looks like a low resolution, pixelated letterform which I feel this assignment was trying very hard to funnel me into. Because of this, I immediately eliminated squares as an option. In the end this project did pique my interest in programming type for screen use so I eventually want to check out Python and coding in general.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.59.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.59.41 PM