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Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

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Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 6

This week in Nigerian news I read about Nigerian troops who had captured bomb making materials. The troops captured three Boko Haram terrorists in Kadawu. They captured liquid herbicides from the terrorists which would be used to make bombs. The troops also captured three other terrorists in a different village. With all the negative news on terrorism going on all over the world, it is nice to hear that some are captured.

Nigerian troops capture six terrorists, recover bomb-making equipment from Borno primary school

In more news, I see that more made in Nigeria products are being promoted. The Federal government is working to promote and produce local goods. This would help keep unemployment levels down as well as help them in the local market as well as internationally.

Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 5

This week in the news, I read a story about a boy named Hope who was living on the streets and close to death. Though this starts off as sad news, it turned into a beautiful story.  Just eight weeks ago Hope was very small, skinny, and looked very unhealthy, but today he is healthy and has gained weight and has a loving family. Hope was adopted by an aid worker and now has 35 brothers and sisters that help to take care of him now. Hope was thought to be a “witch child” which some people think that these children are bad and leave them on the street. MsLoven has set up a foundation to help these children.


Here we can see Hope is healthy, with some of his new brothers.

Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 4

In news this week for Nigeria I see many negative things going on with oil, Money, Needing to get a specific amount of jobs by the year 2030 but some things that stand out to me and bring some positive light to Nigeria have to do with soccer. There is a Nigerian womens soccer team named the Falconets which is a U-20 soccer team. The women on this team are 20 years old or younger. Some positive news for them is that they are going to be in 2016 group b in the world cup which means they will be playing against Spain, Canada, and Japan. The world cup is not big in America as it is in many other countries but this is a big deal. Out of these groups, Nigeria is favored to win because they have reached the finals twice before.

FIFA U-20 Women World Cup: Nigeria’s Falconets draw Canada, Japan, Spain


Some more positive news in the soccer world is that Kelechi Nwakali from Nigeria is moving to Arsenal. Not only is he a leader and a captain, but he is a great one. He had led Nigerias U-17 team to win the World Cup and was voted MVP. His move to Arsenal will be great, the team needs someone like Nwakali to help lead them.

Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 3

A professor at the University of Maiduguri named Isa Hussaini Marte made a great discovery. He discovered a herb grown locally that can greatly help control cancer. The herbs that are grown in Nigeria work better then the cancer drugs currently being used. While in America Isa and his medical team studied the traditional Nigerian plants that were used for medical purpose, through their research they discovered new plants that had anti-cancer properties. This positive news, gives Nigeria a positive global repuation.
In other news, Nigerian Navy rescues an oil tanker that was taken by pirates. There was a US led Naval training in Africa. The US, Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria worked together to track down the tanker. The tanker had been through the water of 5 different countries which was about 800 miles until the Nigerian Navy was able to board the ship and battle for its return. This was such an amazing feat for the region.

Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 2

This time around I was able to find more positive news about Nigeria. I was able to find more news articles by using Google News which led me to many different Nigerian based articles. The first Article I read about was African Internet Group (AIG). This group introduces Africa to the Internet shift as well help it move along faster. This group owns 9 online ventures one of them being Jumia. By the year 2025 Nigeria, which is Africas largest economy, will reach about $8million in e commerce spending.


Another Article that I caught interest in is that Nigerians are using a Twitter hashtag to  help their country’s economy. Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer and with the oil prices falling it is hurting the economy. To help raise money there is a hash tag being used called #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira and#BuyNigerian. These hash tags are used to bring attention to goods made in Nigeria and encourage people to buy homegrown goods. Various products include beds, buses, shoes, and sunglasses. I hope to read more on these hash tags to see what else they are selling.


Apr 9 / Joseph Martinez

blog 1

A country in Africa that was interesting to me was Nigeria. I decided to do some research on Nigeria and check out their news. When reading through articles I noticed a trend that I see in the news here. It is full of negativity. After reading more and looking through different articles I was able to find some very positive stories. One story that caught my eye was the article about the Nigerian soccer star Perpetua Nkwocha. She has been living and Sweden and has been coaching Afghan migrants. It is nice to see people being able to bond with each other even if they do not speak the same language. She can relate to these children because she has been away from home too. I am including a link that also has a video on the bbcwebsite. 

I found another interesting article about the happiest people on earth. Nigerians have been listed as some of the happiest people on earth. The more people that have the FAAH gene the happier the nation will be. The FAAH gene affects the feeling of pleasure and pain. What I find neat is that what one country may find happiness in, a different country can find happiness in something else.

Reading different articles and checking out different Nigerian news websites allows me to take a step into what it is like to be apart of the society. I always enjoyed watching the news when I would be on vacation somewhere that wasn’t home because it was different. These articles allow me to take a step out from what I am used too.