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Apr 30 / Student Center

It all began with a tour…

I started off at Wayne State as a freshmen, ready to be a college kid, finally making life changing decisions for myself. I knew my life was changing and I hoped it was for the best! I waited till the last month to decide where I wanted to be! I  applied to several universities in the region and liked all of them. I was pretty set on following my sisters path to another school, that was until I used my get out class free pass to skip a day of high school and visit Wayne State. I have always been well connected and I happened to know the tour director here at Wayne State. I may have set up my tour to skip a Bio exam, but it was a decision I will never regret!

I applied to WSU at an onsite application day at my high school because it was close and I knew my aunt was a Warrior. I did well in high school and I was accepted as a member of the Community of Scholars. I was not sure what this meant beyond a scholarship, but the scholarship made me pretty happy! What I soon would learn was that the Community of Scholars would be the first place I would start to get involved! In CoS, with the help of some other amazing students, I was a part of a group founding a student organization. In doing so, I learned a great deal about myself and my new friends. In getting involved, and doing service in the city I began to get more than my degree, I was beginning to get an education!

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