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May 7 / Student Center

Day 5

Here it is everybody… The day five of the #warriorpride challenge. It is from commencements, looking down at the field, waiting for the grads!


May 5 / Student Center

#warrior Pride Challenge Day 2

Today’s shirt doesn’t really have the story that Day 1 had, but its in support of our men’s basketball team that was pretty awesome this year! If it counts for anything, it was the first shirt I got from the Thursdays  in the D series! I seriously love the program and my job planning them with Adela, Lindsey and the rest of the DOSO crew!

As always keep up on the challenge here and on the Twitter @nick_board!

May 4 / Student Center

The #WarriorPride Challenge…

So in doing my laundry, I discovered I have quite the collection of Wayne State Apparel going… The perks of getting involved… I decided to instagram and tweet the first couple shirts I had to put away. Well this lea to some back and forth with the fine people in MAC (who keep Wayne State Social), and now, I have to wear something Wayne State everyday for the next 30 days. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so competitive! Who else is down for the challenge?


Welp! Here is the start of it…


Apr 30 / Student Center

It all began with a tour…

I started off at Wayne State as a freshmen, ready to be a college kid, finally making life changing decisions for myself. I knew my life was changing and I hoped it was for the best! I waited till the last month to decide where I wanted to be! I  applied to several universities in the region and liked all of them. I was pretty set on following my sisters path to another school, that was until I used my get out class free pass to skip a day of high school and visit Wayne State. I have always been well connected and I happened to know the tour director here at Wayne State. I may have set up my tour to skip a Bio exam, but it was a decision I will never regret!

I applied to WSU at an onsite application day at my high school because it was close and I knew my aunt was a Warrior. I did well in high school and I was accepted as a member of the Community of Scholars. I was not sure what this meant beyond a scholarship, but the scholarship made me pretty happy! What I soon would learn was that the Community of Scholars would be the first place I would start to get involved! In CoS, with the help of some other amazing students, I was a part of a group founding a student organization. In doing so, I learned a great deal about myself and my new friends. In getting involved, and doing service in the city I began to get more than my degree, I was beginning to get an education!