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Nov 2 / Natalie Frakes

Essential Apps for WSU

Colleges and universities are the places in which the minds of the future are molded and educated. I believe that they are also places in which new technologies can be tested and evaluated – what better way to get the students involved than having them critically rate computer and mobile applications that can be used in college? I also think it’s important for colleges to keep up with these new technologies, and it’s great because Wayne State has done just that.

The following is a list of some of my favorite mobile, tablet, and computer applications that have helped me throughout my college experience and while I’ve lived in Midtown!

Wayne State Mobile

The Wayne State Mobile app has helped me stay connected with mostly everything that was on my Pipeline account (now Academica) and has kept me up-to-date on the status of my grades, campus events and news, and so much more. This is a must-download for freshmen since it features parking availability, your class schedule, and a building search.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

We all know that (almost) every professor tries to use Blackboard to communicate with students at Wayne… false! Some people don’t know! Yes, it’s true. Professors are encouraged to utilize Blackboard – it’s an easy way to communicate with multiple students and post assignments, grades, and tons of other helpful stuff. Ever since I got a smartphone, it was easier for me to check what was going on in my classes with this app. Professors, rejoice, because never ever again can a student say they “didn’t know about that homework!”


There is no shortage of note-taking apps out there, but for me, Evernote comes out on top. Forget carrying around that disorganized planner and It’s a digital notebook in which you can organize your notes by subject and not have to worry about heavy papers. You can get the app on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone! They all sync together and it makes life so much easier – take my word for it!

Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud

When working with so many different classes and being in different places at once, it becomes a hassle to carry around a heavy laptop and all your books with you. I have also been scanning stray papers I have an organizing them in my GoogleDrive – it means less clutter for me and more accessibility.

iTunes U and Coursera

iTunes U and Coursera, though controversial amongst academic profesionals, are both interesting and innovative ways to self-learn and teach. There is an abundance of online courses to choose from in almost every subject field and it definitely reimagines education.

Artown Detroit

ARTOWN DETROIT is an app created by Entrega Systems in Troy, MI and it assists users in locating Detroit public art, galleries, museums, and more! This app is seriously cool in that it uses your location and determines which pieces of local art or art-related vicinities are closest to you. Check out their browser app, too!

My list doesn’t end there, but I’ll save more for next time! Comment if you have any more essential apps for college.