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Apr 13 / Natalie Frakes

Marcus Elliot Quartet at Cliff Bell’s

For over a year now, the Marcus Elliot Quartet has been the Tuesday night feature at Cliff Bell’s jazz club located in downtown Detroit. Apart from the musicians who flock to the club for the traditional third-set jam session, the quartet is chiefly composed of Marcus Elliot on saxophone, Michael Malis on keys, Ben Rolston on bass, and Stephen Boegehold on drums.


The sign has a typo – they’re a quartet, not trio. But, they play every Tuesday night at CB’s – 8pm to midnight and there is no cover!┬áMy friends and I try to make it out every Tuesday night to support these guys because, simply put, they are some of the most fresh, talented, and most influential of the younger generation in the jazz scene of Detroit. Individually, all of the musicians in ME4 have performed with some of the world’s best jazz musicians – Marcus Belgrave, Paul Keller, Bob Hurst, etc. They’ve learned from some of the best, which is clear once you’ve heard them.


Listening to them is like witnessing a fresh page in Elliot’s/Malis’/Rolston’s collective narrative progress while the group continuously searches for artistic expression with in-demand chops and inventive writing. My favorite tune, and definitely a crowd favorite, is one of Elliot’s titled “The Hills of Panar Del Rio”.

Going out to Cliff’s on Tuesdays has become a tradition which I hope to keep to for a little bit longer. And simultaneously supporting Detroit’s music community and my friends is something that I will also continue to do for a long while.

Make it out to Cliff Bell’s sometime soon! You won’t regret it because they have great food, my favorite bartender in the world, and of course, the best musicians playing the best jazz. To hear some of Marcus Elliot 4tet’s music, check out You definitely won’t regret it!