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Feb 18 / Natalie Frakes

Food Feature: Sala Thai

Sorry, folks! It’s been a while since I posted in here… I’ve been busy with midterms, and I know you all have been, too.

A couple weeks ago, I had a long lunch break on a Friday and I called up Stephen and we took a trip over to my favorite Thai food spot (because of the food and sentimental reasons) – Sala Thai.

Sala, located in Eastern Market on Russell Street, has delicious and authentic Thai food – arguably one of the best Thai restaurants in Metro Detroit. The restaurant is located inside an old firehouse and the environment is cozy and Thai-themed with canopy-like booths and big tables. The staff are all very nice and service is quick-paced. They have an extensive menu, as well, which includes a full bar and sushi.


The picture above shows my favorite dish from Sala Thai – tom kha. It’s a twist on chicken soup with a sweet and sour and lemony flavor. I order it with tofu, and it has coconut milk, green onions, mushrooms, and it’s sour because they also add fish paste. Don’t let that last ingredient make you stray from trying this! It honestly makes the dish so much better!

All of their noodle and rice dishes are to die for… Just be careful with the heat. Since this is an authentic Thai restaurant, their mild = a little spicier than normal, medium = spicy, and medium plus = mouth on fire and a runny nose.


Their vegetable curry (picture above) is superb. Get it with tofu, or don’t!

When you’re over in Eastern Market or just hungry for some Thai one day, I definitely recommend Sala Thai. Check out their website: