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Feb 2 / Natalie Frakes

Food Feature: Green Dot Stables

Green Dot Stables is another restaurant in Detroit that stays open because I single-handedly support them with my patronage…

Just kidding. I do, however, go there maybe more often than I should, but only because it’s that good. Everytime I want a quick, cheap, delicious meal and some good drinks, Green Dot is the first place I think of.


Everything on the menu is below $2-$3 and even though you end up getting a few dishes, it ends up being less or equal to a regular, boring, sittin’-around-stale meal you can get at any other restaurant. But the Green Dot… They show horse races on their tv screens and they have raffles on Saturday nights for really obscure prizes. It’s also in the middle of nowhere on Lafayette and from the parking lot is an unobstructed view of the ghastly majestic Michigan Central Station.

These are the benchmarks I use when evaluating restaurants – not the food. So, with Green Dot being the A++++ exemplar, what’s not to like?

The food is super. It’s superfood. The following are specimens from Green Dot’s esteemed menu:


Chicken Paprikas (Hungarian-inspired soup) – $3

Korean Slider (burger with kimchi and peanut butter) – $3

I also had a Fluffer Nutter (marshmallow creme + peanut butter) for $2.

Spend the $10 you’ve made from tips at your after-school job and visit Green Dot! It’s the place to be.