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Jan 18 / Natalie Frakes

Michigan Music Conference

I just got home from Grand Rapids after a few days of absorbing tons of information about music and music education at the Michigan Music Conference. I have the right to exclaim that I am absolutely exhausted!

The MMC is an annual conference for musicians around the state and Midwest. It’s such a great opportunity to network and see people you haven’t seen in a while! I ran into my middle school music teacher, youth orchestra director, saw a lecture by a former camp director, and got to see plenty of Wayne State alumni!


WSU Booth

I worked the Wayne State booth and spoke to several educators expressing interest in working directly with Wayne’s music programs. They wanted to form a relationship with the ensembles so their schools’ music programs could potentially take field-trips to witness collegiate-level music in action! This concept would be an amazing opportunity for the music department to become more involved with the community and for recruitment!

I attended and helped Academic Services officer Danny DeRose with the successful set-up of the Wayne State Alumni Reception. I greeted familiar faces and met new ones – all alumni of Wayne, too!


Alumni Reception

I believe that attending conferences pertaining to your field are important. Not only do you make valuable connections, but you also gain vast amounts of knowledge… The amount of sessions happening was overwhelming and I had a difficult time choosing what to go to. I highly recommend to all my colleagues in the CFPCA to attend some sort of conference for the field they are studying. Professional development is praised in the workforce!

I had an amazing time at the MMC and I can’t wait ’til next year!