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Jan 7 / Natalie Frakes

Food Feature: Detroit Institute of Bagels

Yesterday, which was the first day of the Winter 2014 semester, and our first snow day, was when I ventured outside in freezing weather to try out the Detroit Institute of Bagels. They were of the few places around that was open and since having my wisdom teeth extracted last week, I hadn’t been able to chew anything substantial. I was semi-healed and I wanted to chew on something, so why not bagels?


We arrived at the DIB, hungry and wanting coffee, and I was surprised to see a decent amount of patrons weathering the cold. I guess it meant that their coffee was hot and their bagels awesome!

My hypothesis was proven – I ordered a plain bagel with jalapeño cream cheese and Stephen ordered one of their small-batch bagels: rosemary, olive oil, and sea salt with scallion cream cheese. Mmm! Seriously, their bagels are amazing… They were so good that we had to order one more. They also serve Anthology Coffee, a local artisan coffee roaster, and the roast they were serving was a full-bodied, sun-dried roast called Ngororero Bourbon.


Definitely recommend going to Detroit Institute of Bagels. They’re reasonably priced for the level of work they put in and everything is completely local. To find out more about them, check out their website: