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Egypt Has First Female Genital Mutilation Trial


In recent Egyptian news, Dr. Raslan Fadl is being held on trial for administering female genital mutilation to a 13 year old girl, Sohair al-Bata. Solhair died as a result of the procedure and the National Population Council and Egypt’s chief prosecutor have decided to seek justice for Solhair’s death.¬†Although female genital mutilation was outlawed in 2008, the procedure is still administered across the country. Roughly 91% of women ages 15-19 have been circumcized. As I see it, the law was put in to place for a multitude of reasons but first and foremost it is a health and sanitary concern for women. The fact that it is outlawed means that these doctors are administering care and procedure that has no standards or restrictions. These girls are becoming sick, deformed, or even dying as in Solhair’s case. The purpose of the NPC’s “witch hunt” in this case is to make an example out of this doctor in order to prevent further health issues and deaths related to this type of procedure. Even though I have a difficult time empathizing with this custom (because of my Western perspective) I think if this is a cultural tradition the country either needs to regulate the procedure or do exactly what they are trying to accomplish with this prosecution. Protect young girls lives.


Article Author: Nicci Mende

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Posted by Halie Mcintosh on March 17, 2014

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