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Tourism in Egypt Increases in 2014

The_Colossi_of_Memnon-650x487Tourism in Egypt has begun rise…slightly in 2014. Despite the hectic governmental upheaval, the Oxford Business Group has reported that the travel market in Egypt is showing “some signs of life again”.  Given what’s gone on with the rebellion and the removal of dictator Hosni Mubarak, travelers have been discouraged from visiting any part of Egypt for “non-essential travel”. As of late, the traveling restrictions have changed from warnings to less threatening “advisories” which has excited some tourists to visit. I myself, would LOVE to visit Egypt and seeing these advisories gives hope that eventually Egypt will return to its once prosperous tourism industry. I think the progression will be a steady pace, but ideally moving in a forward direction.

Article Author: Nicci Mende of Liberty Voice

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Posted by Halie Mcintosh on February 7, 2014

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