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A Model Project in Egypt

Creative Studies Foundation introduced in Luxor, Egypt


I recently read an article on describing model and actress, Elisa Sednaoui’s new foundation that focuses on the creative encouragement of children in Egypt. The foundation is called the Elisa Sednaoui Foundation; the goal is to build a locally run community cultural center in Luxor, Egypt. The purpose of the center is to expose children to different cultures all the while helping them develop their own national identity. The foundation wants to provide children with the tools to create something they can sell while also teaching them about the world outside of Egypt. 

I think the idea is noble and aims to help the local children understand that they are not limited to tradition. I understand tradition is heavily emphasized in this part of the world and it is nice to see a healthy compromise being encouraged. I do also believe that having researched much of what is going on in Egypt currently, this particular publication is intent on emphasizing the good over the bad. In my opinion, I think it’s refreshing to hear some good news coming out of that area. News that is positive as opposed to fixated on the civil unrest that these children are facing on a daily basis.


Article Author: by Dominika Maslikowski      

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Posted by Halie Mcintosh on January 31, 2014

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