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First Ever Reality TV Show About Entrepreneurship in Egypt

8-28El Mashrou3 will debut as the first reality tv show featuring young entrepreneurs on Egyptian television. The show features 14 contestants from many different backgrounds, all aspiring to create a truly successful business. This program not only has the potential to entertain the African community, but also serves as an educational experience. Based off what I’ve read of the premise of the show, there is a well connected community of sponsors eager to inspire and motivate the people of Egypt. There are HUGE corporations involved like Google Egypt, Volkswagen, Samsung, and Microsoft just to name a few. It would seem, given the current economic conditions in Egypt and the indefinable fate of the government, people need to know that they have tools available to them the affect the world around them. Although reality tv usually has a negative stigma to it, I think in this case the show can serve to excite many young Egyptian entrepreneurs and encourage them.


Article Author: Daily News Egypt

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Posted by Halie Mcintosh on January 16, 2014

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