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A student’s exploration of Egypt



I wanted to start my first post, not with a current affairs story, but with an explanation. I chose Egypt as my focus of interest for this blog. The main reason behind this choice is that in terms of a discussion of Africa, I ALWAYS forget that Egypt is a part of Africa. Some how in my head is disassociated with the continent of Africa. Stereotypes and media portrayal of what Africa “looks like” and what the people look and dress like may have jaded my perspective. There is really no good explanation for why I immediately assume that.


When I asked friends and family where they though Egypt was on a map, I got about a 70/30 percent answer in agreement with my same sentiment. So, when given this assignment, I decided to focus my energy on exploring this country and finding out all of the good things that are happening there. There is no shortage of bad news in Africa, that’s why I am pleased that we were encouraged to find positive, uplifting stories.


Posted by Halie Mcintosh on January 10, 2014

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