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Apr 17 / Ken Smith

Dear Fellow Veteran – 9

I am going on two years and a few months of being a member of the Army National Guard. I would just like to “keep it real” with you in regards to you and your school of choice. I attend Wayne State University and work part-time at a park. I will gladly tell you life for me ain’t been no crystal staircase. I made mistakes, failed classes, and let problems outside of school affect my grade point average. It’s an uneasy testimony to come to grips with however, it is possible to do so if you have the will to keep trying. College wasn’t meant to be easy. Like grade school, it has a hidden curriculum that teaches you life lessons. The best advice that I can give to you is when the going gets tough you have to get tough as well. Realize that you have to think smarter not harder because the best muscle, tool and weapon that you must have, keep and fine tune to is your mind!

Don’t give up!!

A Fellow Veteran