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Apr 17 / Ken Smith

Dear Fellow Veteran – 6

I know by now you must be thinking that this school thing is just not for you, but please believe me, it gets easier. With all the demands from the teachers and the different assignments, know that there is a silver lining in your gray clouds. Being a student here at Wayne State is not that bad. You have many outlets that will help you succeed. Make sure you take advantage of all the SI (Supplemental Instruction) sessions for math and science classes. They really help. It’s wise to make appointments with your advisor every month. That way you can stay on track. Make sure you go to your teachers office hours and whatever study groups that may have. That way they know who you are and know that you are giving it your all. Try not to miss too many days and know that the Student Veterans Resource Center is always there for you. You can always find a life line in that room.

A Fellow Veteran