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Apr 17 / Ken Smith

Dear Fellow Veteran – 13

As you know, life is not easy nor was it meant to be. Being a veteran, you are different than the majority of the people here. You understand discipline, teamwork and motivation. They are all essential in your success here and you will succeed as long as you never quit, never give up, and always have faith.

My personal struggle is very in-depth, I would be lying if I said I didn’t struggle at times still. However it’s all perspectives, how you look at each situation, how you learn from everything and what you take away from it. Remember when times seem hard, don’t be scared to rely on God, have faith but more importantly have trust. Don’t be so hardheaded as to think you know best. Be open, do what you’re passionate about, if not, you will fail even if you succeed in goals. Do what motivates you, drives you, gives you purpose. If you don’t know, what are your natural talents? Try helping others with them.

Just because you fail at something does not make you a failure. Continue, persevere, and triumph. Just don’t ever quit then you have failed more. Always give an honest effort, put in the work. Yeah it’s not fun but nothing is given in life, you must earn it. You don’t deserve everything nor are you entitled to everything but if you want something, work hard for it, enjoy it, then thank and glorify God for it. Always keep your head up.

A Fellow Veteran